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Utah Farris
Flute Maker,Teacher, Performer,and Recording Artist

Member of the Central Florida Flute Circle centralfloridaflutecircle and The International Native American Flute Association inafa.org

Signature Flutes

Utah signature flutes are available in a variety of woods including cedar, cypress, poplar and walnut, in the minor keys of Bb, A, G#, G, F#, F, E, D#, D. C#, C, B, and Bb. They are sealed inside and out and are finished with several coats of tung oil. Most of them have hand carved totem fetishes and wood burned designs and are signed and numbered.

Buffalo Flute

Wolf Flute


Museum flutes are collector quality flutes made from all sorts of wood and in the standard keys most are in collections all over the country, If you are interested in owning one of these or a simlar one made to your specifications Contact me .

Red Cardinal -- Key of D minor ambrosia maple

Sand Hill Crane --Key of C# minor Poplar

Eagle --- key of D# eastern red cedar